So as a new author, the thought of publishing your first book can be overwhelming. Most people believe having a "team" is something only established writers with can a budget afford but it's not. Tee Marshall is as professional as they come. She was so easy to work with. Once she took on the task of editing my manuscript she made me feel like my project was #1. From her communication to her editing techniques, I never once felt like the amateur I was. With her tenured guidance we were able to mold my manuscript into everything I dreamed it could be! I would recommend her services to anyone. As for future projects, Ms. Marshall has definitely become a staple in my team! - Patrice Smith, Author

Anyone can hand you back a stellar edit job, but Tee does something different.  She truly is a "wordsmith".  Not only does she edit your work for readability and grammar, but she edits it from a reader's point of view; it is like she is a beta reader and editor all rolled into one.  But, the best thing I have gained from using her services is insight.  Once she is done editing my work, I read each edit and think about it.  After I merge all the edits I then can usually print out the manuscript and hone it even more.  I have learned so much from her points in the last few months.  In fact I even went back, inspired by her edits, to hone my entire series one last time.  I picked it apart and built upon the fabulous manuscript she already handed me.  My advice to you is this:  write like your life depended on it, send it to Tee, forget what you said and why, look at her edits, merge them, print it out, and then go over it again with fresh eyes.  You will be amazed at what the final product looks like.  You will be amazed at what you can learn from her edits and insights. 
- Shannon McRoberts, Author